Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A guide to Mamallapuram tourism

                    On that Sunday we decided to go to Mamallapuram, which is 60-70 km from the heart of the Chennai. It took nearly 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach Mamallapuram because there is heavy traffic in the city roads. First, we went to a temple which is located near the beach of Mamallapuram. There was a good breeze in the seashore and we ate some fruits by sitting on the sea shore. There are mainly four sites to visit in the Mamallapuram. They were beach temple, light house, five rathas and sculptures in the garden.


                       A huge rock sloping from south to north was utilized judiciously to cut out different forms of the temple. Besides few animal sculptures. The group of five rathas was executed as models of South Indian temples and were not consecrated as their stupis are still attached to the bedrock. Many beautiful sculptures can be seen in the areas of Mamallapuram and the fine art of stone sculpture can be seen in Mamallapuram. It was a nice trip on the ECR road. It means east coast road. If you have a chance to visit Chennai, which is the state capital of Tamil Nadu in India, go and visit this wonderful place. Be in touch and I will see you in another post.

Masinagudi forest and resorts

              I and my friends decided to go to masinagudi resort and trekking in the masinagudi forest. The name of the resort is Safariland. We booked a minibus to travel for a long journey. On the way we reached Ooty. Ooty is the best tourist spot in the southern India which is located in the Tamil Nadu state. But we didn't spend time in Ooty and travelled directly to masinagudi which is a few kilometers from Ooty. We reached masinagudi in the evening and took a refreshing bath and decided to go for trekking in the masinagudi forest, but the plan has changed and we travelled in the jeep in the middle of the forest.

                       On that same day we enjoyed very much in the campfire and we danced by chanting few popular songs. On the second day of our trip, we decided to go for trekking by walking to the top of the mountain. We have seen a squirrel and a snake in the way while walking. The trekking end at midday and we had a tasty meal at the resort. On the same day at afternoon after having a meal we were shifted from an ordinary room to the tree house.

Tree house

                         At evening time, we went to the nearby river and had a nice bath. We stayed in that tree house on that night and played cards by sitting in a round circle. Next day morning, we took all the things and said goodbye to that resort and travelled to Mysore zoo. It is one of the National zoos in India and it is located in the Karnataka state of India. It is maintained very well.

                        After seeing all the animals, at that evening the journey to masinagudi was finished. We directly travelled to our home. If you get a chance to visit South India, please don't miss these places. In my next post I will again discuss about other interesting places in South India.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

facts about medical shock

               On 13/8/13 our college conducted an academic carnival on medical shock. Don't confuse it with electric shock because both medical shock and electric shock are different. First what is shock? It is the life threatening condition i.e. imbalance between the circulation and pumping mechanism. There are many types of shock. They were cardiogenic, traumatic, neurogenic, hypovolemic, anaphylactic (allergy) and septic shock (infection due to micro-organism). If the shock is not treated immediately then it will cause multi organ dysfunction and sudden death will occur.

                First I discuss about septic shock. It will attack any age group and it is due to infection by microorganisms. The most common age group is children under 5 years of age in the world. The reason for the septic shock is interruption in the anatomical barriers (skin, wound, fundus, ENT, rectal, vaginal and orifice). Do you know that our blood is a sterile fluid and it does not contain any normal flora. To prevent septic shock, first you want to control infection and use prophylactic antibiotic therapy. The early recognition of patients at high risk of septic shock will cure them and that helps to save their life from death. Some useful websites for more information about septic shock are 1) 2) 3) 4)

                The spinal shock (loss of reflex) and the neurogenic shock are different. In neurogenic shock the sympathetic system ( thoraco-sacral out flow) has been cut off. This will go for bradycardia because the parasympathetic (cranio-sacral out flow) will be dominant.

                 In anaphylactic shock, the acute anaphylactic reaction is an uncommon but well recognized cause of sudden death. Some agents are skin contact (poison plants, animal scratches, pollen and latex), injection ( honey bees-Bee sting). At autopsy, the serum tryptase level cannot be determined in anaphylactic shock, but eye witness and records can be useful in determining the cause of death.

                 In burn shock, our body overcomes the shock by increasing the head pressure, increasing the pumping rate of heart and by diverting the fluid from less important to highly important regions. Do you know? Our skin is the largest organ and it covers about 1.8 square meters and has the maximum blood supply. The pathophysiology of burn shock is loss of fluid, proteins and electrolytes. The treatment is given IV fluid immediately, then electrolytes immediately and later the proteins should be injected in the body blood.

                 The management of shock in severe sepsis i.e. systemic inflammatory respond syndrome (SIRS) + infection + organ dysfunction + hypotension. The approach to a case of undifferentiated shock are

- History or evidence of trauma
- Search for bleed, volume loss (vomiting, diarrhea)
- Examine for fever or hypothermia
- ECG evidence for ischaemia
- Unexplained bradycardia or hypotension
- Unexplained hypoxemia
- Abdominal or low back pain caused due to dissection of the aorta
- Skin hives, mottling, flushing. These are the features of sepsis.
- Wheezing

                The more recent treatments are

- Use of heparin (which is the evidence based medicine). The dosage may differ in adult burn and pediatric burn)
- Use of collagen sheet (which reduces evaporative loss and pain)
- Homografting
- Controlled use of antibiotics because it will cause pathologic emergency due to unabsorptive of antibiotic in the gastrointestinal tract.
- supports nutrition.
- Enzyme debridement will digest the dead tissues and the surgical removal becomes easy and helps in early skin grafting.

a medical student and his mental stress

          I know medical profession is like a puzzle game. A medical student will have more stress like physical stress, emotional stress and mental stress too. Why I am saying this is? Because me to a medical student. A medical student will spend more time on studying various subjects and discussing the syllabus for exam preparation.

          As a medical student you should relax, when you get free time. Here I am going to give some tips to relax yourself and to forget the burden. Don't fear to attend the exam that everyone will have the doubt whether I will pass or fail. Just read and put your full efforts on the studying topic and develop some self confidence to write the exam. In the exam paper, write what you know on that particular question and skip to the next question.

          Everyone may ask the question that what to do for a metal relief? Here I am giving a daily chart to follow. In the early morning go for half an hour walking in the playground or along the roadside. This will decrease your blood pressure and increase your body immunity. After walking or jogging, prepare a fresh juice and consume it. Because fresh juice contains more anti-oxidants which will prevent the free radical formation in our body. Many fresh juices like orange juice have more vitamin content.

          After coming from the college, have a small sleep for one hour which will reduce your mental stress and the brain will store the concept of every topic that you learnt on that particular day in the college. Consume 1 cups of tea or milk and get ready for the studying session. Recall what the professor said on that day and relax yourself to gather more information about that topic.

          Plan a schedule for that day for reading different subjects. First read the difficult subject than the easy subject, because the brain will be more active after you wake up. Read till 8'o clock P.M. than go for the dinner. After finishing the dinner, see some interesting movies, comedy, music, etc. Take one hour gap after the dinner and continue your study session till 11:30 P.M.

          The brain needs more sleep to store the data which you read. So sleep at least for 6 hours and wake up at 5:30 A.M. on the next day and repeat the daily cycle. I hope that you got some idea to get free from mental stress and have everyday a wonderful day. 

Friday, May 31, 2013

A nice looking face

                Everyone wishes that they should have a good looking face. No one will oppose this, because we want to make a good looking impression to the person who you like. Among all people, the young persons will prefer that they should have a beautiful hairstyle, dressing code, etc. But if everything suites you and you have a good looking personality then you will not worry about anything because you may have a girlfriend who likes you and a nice job to run your life.

                 People will try to make all this but nothing happens. Some people will use cosmetics to make their face awesome but I suggesting you that don't frequently use cosmetics because it is not a permanent solution. If you have any mumps or moles in your face which makes you disgusting then consult a skin specialist and take some advice and medication to tackle such problems.

                 Here I am giving some useful thoughts to make your face beautiful then before. First you go to some hairstyle shop and ask idea about different styles which suites your face. After seeing the sample pictures according to your skin color and texture, select the accurate hairstyle and see the changes in mirror. About 50% of people will look nice by changing their hairstyle.

                 The next step is to correct your teeth alignment. I consulted a famous dentist, he prescribed me to take a OPG Dental x ray to verify the arrangement of teeth roots and the emerging tooth. He plugged two teeth, I think two first molar teeth in lower jar and he done some procedure to correct the alignment of teeth. Within 3 months, I felt some changes in my face and I compared it with my old photos. You believe or not, I look handsome than before.

                  Some useful natural ideas like consulting some nutritionist and follow a diet chart which will increase your blood supply around the skin and you will look glorious with light pale red colored skin. I will suggest you to change the soap and use a soap which retains the moisture and make the skin wet. Don't use a soap which cause skin allergy because it may vary from person to person.

                  Maintain a balanced diet and do regular exercise to keep your body fit. God gave everyone a nice looking face but it depends on how you look that person. So don't hate anyone who have some deformity. Show affection towards such people because we are all human beings.

life is a difficult path to run

                 In childhood period, we are guarded by our parents with food and shelter until we attain maturity to live on own hand. The age between 3 to 18 years is the wonderful period in our life with no burdens above our head. So dedicate this period only for scoring high grade to get first class professional job.

                 As the age goes to above 20 years of age we want to stand alone without the help of our parents guide. Getting a nice job is the main problem for this age groups. Life is not a soft pathway filled with leaflets of rose. So one has to run non-stop until his end to achieve the success of life. Once you reached the adolescent age group and got a good salary job, decide about your future life partner.

life partner is like a railway track, both your destination is same

                  In many families, parents will aid their children's marriage financially. If not, save a little penny to huge amount which is enough for marriage expenditure. The life will not get over with marriage because there are many stages in life after marriage. Within a couple of years you will get your son or daughter and you want to again start your life from zero. Save money for your child's education as your parents had done for you. Give world class education to your next generation which will build their self confidence to stand alone.

                 As the age goes to 50, it is the retirement stage from your family life. Tour around the world with your life partner till the next decade of your life. At this stage you should free from family burdens by handing over all duties to your son or daughter. You should follow a good diet pattern and a regular clinical checkup for your better health.

                 Above 70 years of age visit as many as pilgrim Centre and play with your grandson or grand-daughter. This is the last stage of your life and you will feel as you are in the childhood age, because the main problem for old age people is dementia i.e., gradual loss of memory which is common among older people. Maintain your diet and consult your family physician periodically. 

A palace with extraordinary look

Padmanabhapuram palace
A few weeks back we planned to visit the padmanabhapuram palace which has a traditional architecture of Kerala, located in the Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu state, India. In front of the palace a simple gardening works are done which shapes like heart surrounded by circle of decorative plants. One can able to see a old clock at the top of the palace which is nearly more than 290 years old. The look of the entrance is so gigantic when compared with other palace during 15th century.

                 A nice garden work is done at the side entrance of this palace with two rows of potted plant on each side of the entrance. Also the two palm trees make the entrance more attractive. Notice the old Kerala traditional architecture above the door which is made of wood. Sculpture and stone status are seen here and there around the palace which says about the culture and tradition of the people of South India.

palace decoration

                 There are many potted plant gardens are seen inside the palace which looks simple and pretty nice. If you have a chance to visit this palace, you can notice the technique made of wooden work to take water from the well using the wooden pulley. It is situated near the kitchen of this palace and I think the water from this well was used only for the cooking purpose.

                 The padmanabhapuram palace is build inside the padmanabhapuram Fort which is surrounded by beautiful hills and river. From 15th century to the mid of 17th century, this palace is the capital of thiruvancore. But later the capital was changed from padmanabhapuram to Thiruvanthapuram. I will not say that this palace has extra ordinary look when comparing with other western countries. But it has the extra ordinary traditional architecture and has a awesome view when compared with other 15th century palace of South India.

                 Everybody wishes to build a palace, not a home and with attractive gardening which decorates your living home. The padmanabhapuram palace is filled with the wonders of traditional Kerala architecture with wooden works. There is a small waterfalls situated about 23 km away from this palace. If you got a chance to visit South India, then don't miss to see this palace.

a visit to tanjore

                On that day I wake up at 5:30 a.m. and took a nice shower. I and my friends pre-planned for a trip to tanjore on the day before. We planned to return home before 12:00 a.m. At 6:00 a.m. I prepared everything to start my journey with my friends. We reached the main bus stand from a local village by bus. From there, immediately a but to tanjore arrived. It was a three hour journey and the clock rotated faster because we enjoyed every moment by hearing songs and had a chat about our college life.

Beautiful painting
                We reached tanjore which is one among the famous tourist spot in the Tamil Nadu state. Before going to the historical place, we went to a vegetarian restaurant and had a nice meal. You know, Tamil Nadu foods are very tasty and spicy. By walk we reached the nearest bus stop and waiting for a bus to Tanjore palace. But no bus came and we took a share auto and visited the entrance of the palace. I am telling the truth that it is more than hundred years old and still now the maintenance of the palace is not so good.


When entering the palace, there was a temple we prayed and observed the architecture of the palace. In the museum, we seen old coins, status, the books used by those kings and a sword. There we seen the place where the king will have a leisure time. The ceiling is painted with beautiful paintings and I took some photos in my smartphone. We seen large vessels and grinding stones in the kitchen of the palace. We claimed the rounded staircase and reached the roof of the palace. One of my friend took photo of me with other friends near the gigantic pillars of the palace.


At 4:00 p.m. we left the Tanjore palace and decided to go to Tanjore Big temple which has the most famous architecture of South India. The look of the entrance tower architecture is extra-ordinary and gigantic. The age of this temple is 100 decades and the temple is surrounded by tall wall which is built with rough stones. The specialty of this temple is the shadow of the temple tower will not fall on the ground at any time the sun revolves it. The architecture of this tower is wonderful and unimaginable to believe that how they placed a big stone at the top of the tower which tones more. On that days they used elephant and rolling woods to move the stone to the top of the tower.

                After worshipping the Lord Siva, we logged in a hotel and refreshed for a few hours. The dinner is fabulous and spicy. We vacated the room at 10:00 p.m. and by bus we reached Tirchy. My friends planned to go for a movie show and then to home. It was a nice thrilling movie we enjoyed very much and returned home.

                If you got a chance to visit Tanjore, please don't forget to visit these places. Read more upcoming blogs for knowing interesting tourist spots.

A story behind a medical student

Medical college
Every science group student will have the ambition to get a medical college seat by merit. But unfortunately the marks graded by them will not be sufficient to get their names in the merit list. Some rich people will get a seat in the self-finance college by spending many dollars for completing their course and to pay their accommodation fees.

                A person who starts his career as a medical student will have a bright future because every one needs a doctor to cure the disease and also to prevent the spread of such diseases. So to become a medical student and if you have the ambition to become a future doctor, you have to score better grade in your high school exams.

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                In the medical field, the first year medical student will suffer more stress and burdens because he is new to this medical field and don't know how to cover his daily syllabus. I suggest you to cover your daily theory portions regularly with the aid of a paper and a pen. The second year life of medical student is not that much difficult as first year because he knows how to prepare for the academic exams and will have a good idea about the medical field. If you have passion towards it, you will succeed in the medical world.

                Some medical students will do past time jobs to aid their accommodation and the tutorial fees. Find jobs related to the medical field. For example, a assistant to the pharmacist in the pharmaceutical shops or do some online jobs for making money. Remember that this is only a past time job and you should concentrate more on your studies.

                As a doctor, you should be calm and treat the patient with care and affection. Be unique in your field which will make you popular in the society. Help the poor who needs you and don't take any offers from them. Do some free service to the asylum for achieving job satisfaction.

                I think now you got a new idea for your future life. Try to score good grade and achieve the target. Each and every society needs a reputed doctor for their betterment of life.

A nice day with new resolution

                 A day with new calendar and the happiness continues even after Christmas. On this day everyone will take a new resolution to follow for a better life. Wish you a happy New year to who reads this blog.

A new day
When the day begins with a new calendar, on the early morning everyone will go to the temple, church, and mosque. They pray to the god that this year should be a special year. At sharp 12.00 a.m. the sky will glow like a colorful stars hanging in a dark room. Every nation will say wishes to their neighboring and friendly nations and even wishes to have relation to their enemy state.

                  The most important specialty of this day is a chance is given to every person to take a new resolution against their bad habits. Some person will take a resolution to quite smoking. Most students will take resolution to study well in the upcoming academic year. Women will prefer to buy more jewels and likes to enjoy the new year party. The family members will decide to buy a new car or any electronic items like television, refrigerator, etc., on the first day of January. The reason is many retail shops will announce more offers and discount coupons.

                   Many young age people will enjoy the day in party, club, beach and may even go to watch newly released movies. Every culture will have a different calendar like Egyptian calendar, Red Indian calendar, etc. So the new year may vary from culture to culture. But the universal New year is 1st day of January month of every upcoming year. We want to wait again for next 365 days to enjoy all the benefits of this day.

                    Every person will make mistakes in their life but that is not permanent. So take a new resolution that I will not make such mistakes in my entire life. All of us should pray the god on this day to make our life happy and from the dark to bright and to help us to make our life better with no sorrows.