Sunday, February 14, 2016

Health is the common theme to improve the quality of life

           If the person is free from diseases, then the person was considered healthy. Health is the fundamental right of a person and the government should provide a good environment for a disease free community. If the physical health is normal, then the functioning of the body is normal. The sign of physical health: a good breath, a clean skin, not too obese, regular activity of bowels and bladder should be normal, all of these are the good physical sign which confirms that the person is healthy.

           Every person should check his blood pressure periodically. Life should be flexible and the mental health is also important. If a person is depressed or in a stressful state, then there is a increased chance of developing hypertension, stomach ulcer and sometimes may induce bronchial asthma. A mentally healthy person will accept criticism and is not easily upset. Prevention is better than cure. So prevent many deadly diseases by vaccines, according to the immunization schedule.

            Everything in our life is subject to change. So, precaution and a good environment will be the best choice for a healthy life. Health is important for improving the quality of life. The governments all over the world should improve the quality of life by mass screening. Money is not everything, health is wealth.